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Congratulations Kateri Vaughn, Class of 2014- Top 100 Outstanding Students at Butler University

posted Dec 29 2016 10:50 AM
Kateri Vaughn, 2014 Marquette Catholic graduate was recognized as one of Butler University's TOP 100 MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENTS

The Alumni Association in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs conducts the Outstanding Student Recognition program. The program is in its 56th year and is continuing the tradition of honoring the top Butler junior and senior students. Visit the Top 100 website to view guidelines for the program.  

We are pleased to present the honorees for the 2016-2017 academic year. Due to a tie in scoring, more than 100 students were honored this year. All honorees will be recognized at the Outstanding Student Banquet on April 7, 2017, where the Top 15 Most Outstanding Students will be announced. As we celebrate our current students, we also honor our past Most Outstanding Student winners.

Full Listing of Honorees

(In alphabetical order)

Tim Ahlersmeyer

Jacob Applegarth

Tabitha Barbour

Alex Bartlow

Laura Baumann

Zach Bellavia

Drew Brothers

Amy Brown

Lauryn Campagnoli

Sarah Clary

Dana Connor

Allison Cook

Allison Cotter

Olivia Crowe

Sarah Desautels

Daniel Dudman

Kailey Eaton

Emma Edick

Katie Edwards

Chiara Evelti

Natalie Farrell

Emily Farrer

Tristan Feilla

Caitlyn Foye

Connie Frank

Alexandra Gabor

Jordan Galligan

Connor Ganly

Hayley Gearheart

Taylor Gillenwater

David Goldsmith

Katie Goodrich

Paige Haefer

Whitney Hart

Amanda Hashimoto

Jordan Hochstetler

Patrick Holden

Sean Horan

Chandler Howell

Nicholas Huang

Patrick Ilcin

Karla Jeggle

Leesa Jing

Drew Johnson

Ashley Jones

Katey Kelleher

Cutter Koehler

Gwen Kozak

Caroline Kuremsky

Carly Large

Rachael Lewis

Kendra Lucas

Vince Marshall

Megan McCambridge

Kelsey McDougall

Cristina McNeiley

Shelby Miller

Miren Mohrenweiser

Libby Moyer

Lexa Muehlbauer

Joshua Murdock

Kelly Murphy

Mike Pajkos

Gehrig Parker

Noemi Ponzoni

Salman Qureshi

Courtney Raab

Anna Rauh

Caroline Rico

Katy Robinson

Hayley Ross

Danielle Ruppal

Hadeel Said

Dania Saltagi

Amelia Samuelson

Kaitlyn Sawin

Tyler Schenck

Logan Schwering

Emily Sickert

Shandeep Singh

Taylor Smith

Molly Smith

Maree Smith

Kalei Sorenson

Meg Talley

Clayton Taylor

Kendall Theile

Sam Thomas

Andrew Thompson

Laura Tonner

Emilie Turner

Abby Udelhofen

Natalie Van Ochten

Kateri Vaughn, MCHS class of 2014

Madeline Verbica

Nicole Vetter

Nathan Villiger

Gabrielle Vinyard

Danielle Wallace

Kristen Webb

Riley Wildemann

Alex Woldmoe

Heather Wright

Jill Yager

Brittany Zoet


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