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Where will you watch the solar eclipse? "Eclipse Day" schedule...

posted Aug 19 2017 7:00 AM

On Monday (Eclipse Day) we will be running a one time ever e-schedule.

Classes begin at 8:13.  We will walk the students down to the amphitheater (if they brought in their permission slip) at around noon.  We will return by 2:00pm and students will be dismissed at that time.  They will not be dismissed from the amphitheater--they must return to Marquette with us.  Busses will run at that time.

Those students without permission slips will remain under supervision in school and will also be dismissed at 2:00ish.

Should it be too cloudy to possibly witness the eclipse, I will send out an All-call informing parents we are going to run a regular A schedule and go until 2:54--but that decision would have to be made at the start of the school day.  So, anticipate that we will do everything possible to go to the amphitheater and witness this eclipse.

There is no lunch scheduled on this e-schedule so I suggest students "brown" bag it and there will be vendors down at the amphitheater selling food and I will allow students to purchase food.

Also, for $1.00 a student may dress down since we will be walking to and from the amphitheater and sitting on the ground.

We are providing the glasses necessary.



Thank You,



M. Slaughter


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