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Mrs. Sands shared her love and knowledge of math with former student, Alex Nagy '16. She also shared her call to serve those in need.

posted Oct 10 2017 11:00 PM

The following is an article from AdvantageNews. 

Michele Sands and Alex Nagy

Following in her footsteps

The best teachers can inspire us to follow in their footsteps, inside the classroom and out. Michele Sands’ work as president of the Board of Missions International has inspired many, but one recent Marquette graduate took her mission to heart throughout the summer.

Alex Nagy, who recently enrolled at Saint Louis University, took Sands’ courses in college algebra and trigonometry as a Marquette senior. Nagy learned about her teacher’s role beyond Marquette: her mission trips and behind-the-scenes work gathering and boxing donations to Sacred Brother, Sacred Sisters under the care of Missionaries of Charity. 

“(Sands) also sends what she can to the nuns to supply the very basic needs, including children’s diapers and formula,” Nagy’s mother, Jenny Schaefer, said. 

Schaefer was the first to discover the project Nagy had been working on for four months. 

“Alex worked four- to five-hour shifts at Ketchum’s Corner Kreem from April to July,” Schaefer said. “She saved all $600 of her tip money in a box under her bed along with a note to Mrs. Sands.” 

Nagy’s note stated: “I think the saying goes, ‘If you make sure others are OK, God will make sure you’re OK.’ That’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Anyway, I hope this helps. Thank you, Mrs. Sands, for everything you have done for me, the kids across the world, and the MCHS population.”

The discovery came as a surprise to Schaefer, Sands, and the Ketchum’s staff. 

“No one but her had any idea what she was doing until the morning she left for college,” Schaefer said. “That’s when she stopped by to see Mrs. Sands.”

Nagy saved the money as a way to help Sands in her mission to help Venezuelan children. 

“Mrs. Sands told Alex that she touched her heart, and so Alex will always be close to her by thought and prayer,” Schaefer said. “She also told Alex that she didn’t just supply the physical needs of children but met their emotional needs as well: now the children know someone out there cares about them.”

After Sands received the donation, she contacted one very excited sister on the phone. 

“Mrs. Sands told me that the sister couldn’t wait to tell the other sisters,” Schaefer said. 

Nagy also received emails from Sands, which featured a sister with the meal packages purchased through her donation and a few of the children it helped. 

Now a freshman majoring in criminal justice and minoring in Spanish at SLU, Nagy is on the path to join campus ministry. One day, she hopes to join Sands on a future mission trip, not only to see those affected by acts of kindness, but to be inspired once again.  

This link will take you to the Missions International website.        misisterparish.org

by David Colburn   October 7, 2017


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