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Academic Eligibility

  1. Students failing two (2) or more subjects (academic or non-academic) for the semester may not participate in activities for at least the next semester.
  2. Students who are failing two (2) or more subjects (69%) during any given week may be turned in by the teacher and are ineligible at least one week until they are failing one or fewer subjects.
  3. Weekly progress reports for student activities are due by 10:30 A.M. on Mondays.  The period of ineligibility will begin on the following Tuesday and continue through the Monday of the next week.


Students will be issued the necessary equipment for the particular activities.  The students are responsible for the equipment issued to them.  The school shall be reimbursed by the student and his/her family for lost or damaged equipment.

Student Attendance

Students involved in extracurricular activities must be in attendance at school on the day of the scheduled event.  Students not in attendance will not be able to participate in or attend any extracurricular activities that day. Students must be in attendance by the beginning of Third period of the school day.  The Third period begins at 9:58 (on an “A” schedule) so we’ll just say the student must be in attendance by 10:00 am or is ineligible that day.  Students with verifiable medical appointments or funerals of family members are excused.

Practices/games are not to be held if school is canceled due to snow/ice without the permission of the A.D. or the Principal.  Therefore, students cannot be held accountable if a coach circumvents the rules and holds a practice.                                                                                    July 2014

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